Professor Harald Hofmann


Professor for “Building Design and Lighting Technology” at TU Darmstadt, Faculty of Architecture

Chief Planner and Senior Adviser in LEOX

"LEOX offers lighting design that encompasses all aspects of lighting. Our lighting design, as an integral part of the architectural concept, provides a visual environment that supports users in their activities, promotes their wellbeing, takes account of their personal needs, and harmonizes with the architectural impression of a building or the natural surroundings of a landscape.”


To achieve a high acceptability of an architectural situation, LEOX lighting design meets the following criteria: in the first place we establish an adequate level of illuminance as required by codes to guarantee safety as well as to perform visual tasks. Besides these functional aspects we take into account the user’s perceptual needs and expectations in each given surrounding, explore the best lighting methods, and emphasise the space’s spatial characteristics. Our aim is to illuminate the interior as well as the exterior adequately and, in accordance with the utilization, to emphasize the character of the space. Finally we pay special attention to the formal design and aesthetic effect of the lighting solutions that we implement, to their arrangements, and to the general layout of the lighting system. We are committed to using daylight and to using modern light sources such as LEDs. We design lighting control systems that satisfy both functional and aesthetic purposes. We strive for an appropriate lighting concept that brings with the functional and a aspects of the architecture.